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Buy & Sell Firearms

Are you in a bind and need cash fast? Nothing is easier to loan on than quality firearms. We at Cody Pawn buy, sell, trade and loan on almost any firearm. As a staunch defender of our 2nd amendment rights, we believe every capable individual should own a firearm for either protection or to let off a little steam out at the range.



 Loan amounts are based on the value of the item, its condition and our ability to sell it if needed. Our management team has many year of experience with valuing merchandise.  Since we are a locally, owned and operated pawnshop we do not rely on a computer program to tell us how much your item  is worth. Our desire is to loan you top dollar on your item.


One of the most common questions we here is "what do you take". That answer might have no end, but we can give short list of merchandize we've taken before. It includes vehicles, 4-wheelers, trailers, jewelry, guns, coins, tools, generators, game consoles, stereos, TV's and many other items. Come in and take a look around for ideas or just give us a call. We will do our best to meet your needs.

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